Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose They’re Playing Our Song for my event?

Choose They're Playing Our Song if you want to be assured the DJ you select will be the one who provides the music on your special day and if you want your DJ to work directly with you to make your event the way you want it to be. Choose They're Playing Our Song to assure you special song selections - and those of your family and friends - will be played. And choose They're Playing Our Song to assure personalized service at the most reasonable rate available in the Tri-State area.

Why is your price so low?

Our price is low because we are not an agency and do not have the higher overhead costs agencies must include in your charge including maintaining large staffs, office overhead and costs associated with training their newer, less experienced DJs. We pass these savings on directly to you and provide you with an experienced DJ who serves only you - not the agency. Making you and your guests happy are his only interest.

What if I want you for a longer period of time?

This is all arranged when you book your DJ; thus, you will always have peace-of-mind knowing you know all overtime rates ahead of time - not during the last hour of your reception. Generally, our rate for overtime - like our event rate - is lower than competitor rates.

How do I know you’ll play the songs I want?

You have our word and our personal guarantee. We can work exclusively from the song list you provide, the song requests gained at your event that your family and friends request and submit, or a combination of your list and your family and friends requests. Generally, most brides and grooms (for weddings) and individuals who book other types of parties prefer a mix of their own and their family/friends requests from the request cards. However, we have done it all three ways – so whatever you prefer is how we will handle song selection. We aim to please all!

What about guest requests the day of the event?

Our company is called “They’re Playing Our Song” for this very reason - we earn our company name at every party we appear at! Although DJs and bands promise to play requests and dedications, they have a set list and amount of songs they will play, and therefore generally do not play any song requests that don’t fall into their “set” list. Our request cards/pencils placed at every table and your song list provided before the party assure you and your guest’s requests will be played. We estimate that 117,000 requests have been played by They’re Playing Our Song since we began – and counting. After all, it all comes down to the music. Your music.

How do I book my event date?

Given our low rates and personalized service commitment, our schedule generally books up quickly. So please call or email us to check for availability of your date and  to set up a free, in-person consultation.

What if you don’t have a song I’d like played at my event?

In the age of the internet, there is no reason to ask this question in our view. We are called They’re Playing Our Song and we will have it - everyone from Benny Goodman to Lady GaGa. However, we also do encourage that if you wish to supply a special song or artist from you own personal collection, we would be happy to play that too!

What if I don’t know what songs I’d like you to play?

They’re Playing Our Song will provide you with music song lists to help you in the song selection process. Likewise, if you don’t wish to pick songs, you can rest assured your DJ will play all the songs your family and friends will request and dance to, utilizing the song request cards and pencils They’re Playing Our Song places at every table. Your guests’ satisfaction and yours are guaranteed!
Can you recommend other services I might need for my event?
Yes. See the list of recommended vendors we have worked with.